National Controls is a leading

Digital Moisture Meter

manufacturer & supplier of various Professional Grade to various Industries ,Traders, Commission Agents, Millers, Food Processing Industries, Government and Non-Government Organisations.

It is the product that has been designed and manufactured using professional grade electronic components and also incorporates anti - moisture treatment on circuits to obtain excellent performance and that too considering Temperature Compensation and moisture changes in ambient.

The quality of all agriculture products like grains, pulses, oil seeds, vegetable seeds, etc. is influenced by their moisture contents. Various conventional methods of moisture measurements like Oven-dry method , Distillation method, Drying with desiccants etc. are tedious , long time consuming methods.

Fast as well as Field Usable, This Meter is a necessity for fast and accurate moisture measurements to meet the requirements of the Farmers, Grain Storage Personnel and the Agriculture Products Marketing Institutions.

Digital Moisture Meter is the most Reliable, Compact, Light-weight, Rugged, Single step type, Sophisticated Moisture Measuring Instrument or Meter in the market today.

About Us

National Controls is a highly committed professional team, we are the Professional in

Digital Moisture Meter

manufacturing field for more than 30 years. We employ state of the art technology in the product range.

We are deeply motivated to manufacture and supply high quality products with prompt delivery schedules. Continuous process and product improvement is our motto and highest degree of customer satisfaction is our objective.

We are Digital Moisture Meter Manufacturer and supplier and also we are sure that all our valued clients will be highly facilitated by use of this and will enjoy performing moisture measurements with it.

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Our Moisture Meter is available for all the agriculture items and also developed for other items as per requirements.


Grains -Ready stock as Maize, Wheat, Paddy or Rice Digital Moisture Meter Etc

Vegetable Seeds

Vegetable Seeds -ready stock as Chilli, Onion Seed, Tomato Seed Digital Moisture Meter, Etc