All agriculture products like grains, vegetable seeds, pulses, oil seeds, flours, Powders content some moisture, DMM is Available for measure their approx % of moisture. There are many kind of methods available for measure moisture but all are long time consuming methods. But compare to other, DMM take short time.

Digital moisture meter

is a light weight designed portable Moisture meter to detect moisture in all agriculture products. It gives fast and accurate moisture measurement on digital display within a moment.

Digital Moisture Meter works on the principle of dielectric constant variations due to change in moisture content of the agro – product.

DMM - AGRO measures ‘’ % MOISTURE ’’ of the agro-product or a sample in a non-destructive way within about 30 seconds. The meter is provided with inbuilt automatic temperature compensation for the reading being displayed. The latest Integrated Circuits based efficient DMM - AGRO provides long battery life. The Digital Moisture Meter does not contain any moving parts hence gives long maintenance - free operating pleasure to the users.

We are Moisture Meter Manufacturer and supplier and also we are sure that all our valued clients will be highly facilitated by use of this DMM – AGRO or Agriculture moisture meter and will enjoy performing moisture measurements with it.

Digital Moisture Meter

Digital Moisture Meters Models (for items 1 to 8)

  • AGRO 1...........for ONE item
  • AGRO 2........for TWO items
  • AGRO 3 ....for THREE items
  • AGRO 4......for FOUR items
  • AGRO 5....…..for FIVE items
  • AGRO 6......…..for SIX items
  • AGRO 7…..for SEVEN items
  • AGRO 8.…..for EIGHT items