Grain Digital Moisture Meter

Grain Digital Moisture Meter

Digital Moisture Meter is available for all the agriculture items, Products and also developed for other items as per client's requirements.

Grain Digital Moisture meter is available for all type of Grains -Ready stock as Maize Digital Moisture Meter, Wheat Digital Moisture Meter, Paddy Digital Moisture Meter or Rice Digital Moisture Meter Etc

Listed here-with in ITEM SELECTION below is the LIST for which Digital Moisture Meters are available and details of their sample sizes to be taken for moisture measurements by

Digital Moisture meter for grain

. Also given along with items are Minimum % Moisture in summer-dry samples. The variation may be observed due to typical weather conditions of that area such as temperature and relative humidity conditions there.

We are Grain Digital Moisture Meter Manufacturer and supplier in vadodara, Gujarat, india.

Grain Moisture Meter

Measurement sample
Sr. No. Item Name Sample Quantity Min. % Moisture
01 Wheat Full Volume 9.5
02 Jowar 150 Grams 9.5
03 Bajra 150 Grams 9.5
04 Maize 150 Grams 9.5
05 Rajma 150 Grams 9.5
06 Rice 150 Grams 11.0
07 Par-Boiled Rice 150 Grams 11.0
08 Ragi 150 Grams 11.0
09 Paddy 100 Grams 11.0
10 Jav 100 Grams 11.0